242 Creations by a4design

blog by andrew millar, the developments of my work as I aim towards creating some interesting results using python processing.

created throughout the course of MDDN 242; studied at VUW 2011



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  2. Volume

    This Program extracts data from provided text files and abstracts it in order to create 3D geometry in an open Space. The data in the txt files are listed in 8 lines of text where each line represents that individual’s age, height and weight. These variables are compared to a predetermined average point and these variations control the vertexes in the abstract form.

    The final output is a completely abstract and simple piece of geometry in 3D space, that represents the size and shape of a human being over their life time so far. The idea of the project is to outline the different shapes and sizes the human body can take, and to abstract this into a lifeless form which contains an enormous amount of data, but is very simple and beautiful.

    The second part of the program produced 2D versions of the 3D geometry, which when arranged correctly, made up a net that was printed and constructed physically to create the models in the physical world. This connection to the real world emphasized how the human data could create an abstract geometrical shape that was an individual and different  piece from any other due to the fact that every person is different. The ability for the human to hold and interact with this geometry emphasized the link between the two, while still conveying the abstraction concept quite clearly.

    Volume simply creates an abstract, one-of-a-kind physical structure, based purely on the human form and the individual data every person possesses. 

  4. Successful Photoshoot

    Defining a successful photoshoot can often be hard, but I was really pleased with the way i was able to capture the models I mage physically. 

    The photos with the hands are a representation of how the different people are in control of the forms being created. And that their human data is what makes up the geometry they are holding in their own hand.
    I removed faces, because I believe this project was more focussed on an abstraction of the human form rather than a personalization.  

    All the photos posted were of my physical models which I built from a printed out net I made through a program which converted 3D form into 2D space. 

    Coming full circle and finally achieving what I had set out to do is very rewarding.